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Dealership, Agenting & Franchisee-:
Different form of business oppertunities at Floor Giant, India are designed to meet the size and scope of commitment you wants to put into business. There are factors like area,population,development which devides what form of business is best suits you.

Working with a company provides advantages to petson not previouslly experienced in business or management and allow them to follow a system which is created on experience. The failure rate has categorically proven to be significantly lower in case of working with a company rather than independantly operated small businesses.

Generally the future business operators who wants to work with a company will operate under the name of that comapnay.

Our support to the associates will not only limit upto establishment of business but also to provide ongoing training, support and timely visits to see the business growth in the right direction. Ongoing training support, new product launch, marketing, advertising, new installation techniques and timely circulation of important news and informations to make sure you will not be leave behind in the growth of business.

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