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Our Mission statement- Creating Luxury Lifestyle

We are established with the aim to be india's largest suppliers of flooring needs. At Floor Giant, our mission is to create luxury lifestyle at affordable prices. International working experience and ethics will provide our team a strong base to deal with indian market segment. Knowledge and friendliness of our team will guide you through the entire process of beautifying your place.

Our products comes as new and innovative choice for indian market segment which will not only redefine the design books of users but also with its style,comfort and luxury delivers a complete new look.

Floor Giant LLP, India guarantee's that our range, service, quality and prices are the reason 'why we can be your first choice.' At floor giant we sources all of its products internationally, cutting out any middle man so that customer can get quality products at affordable price. Its from the global network of suppliers that we ensure all of our products meets the highest quality standards across all areas.

Floor Giant's ongoing training programmes keep our staff completely upto date on the latest products & installation techniques. In addition, every client has a dedicated sales manager to ensure clear communication and total services from product selection untill the product has been laid.

This is all backed with professional installation teams to complete the service, After installation, our service is extended to all our customers on how to care and maintain your flooring. Upto date product care guide will always be available on our website which helps customers to keep thier flooring clean & beautiful.

With its head office at Jaipur, India & associate offices at Banglore, Hyderabad and Delhi, we are committed to deliver best services for all your flooring needs. Under our expansion policy, we will be looking forward to expand our operations across india in near future.

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